Christensen General Store (early 1900s)

Today you know it as a parking lot next to Kirk’s Pharmacy, but for decades it was the place people came to shop β€” first as T.C.’s General store, it changed hands a few times and was later Christensen’s General Store, then lastly the Red and White.

This picture is when it was Christenson’s General Store, owned by Nels Christensen. Lots of detail in the photo β€” plank floor, wood stove, canned goods.

If anyone can identify the two gentlemen are, please speak up.

Photo courtesy of the Christenson family.

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5 thoughts on “Christensen General Store (early 1900s)”

  1. I’m looking at that big stain on the foor next to the counter on the left. I’m wondering if that is blood from some meat that just got packaged, or someone dropped their bottle of molasses.?? Or ????…
    I don’t think was electricity there yet, notice the kerosine lantern for lighting.

  2. It kind of looks like the arrangement Jess Dawkins and Keith Malcom had with the Red & White store, a butcher on one side, and a grocer on the other side. (coicidentally in the same building a few decades later)

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