Weyerhaeuser Elementary School — Back when

Weyerhaeuser Elementary School
Weyerhaeuser Elementary School

The Weyerhaeuser Elementary School wasn’t always the modern structure you see today. In fact, changed a couple times before becoming the facility it is today.

The first one was an older school house. The second, brick building  (340th & Mt. Hwy. E.) was built on late donated by the Trask family. For decades the school housed classes first through 8th. In fact, my mom Kathy Hackman Mettler, as well as many of my classmates were Weyerhaeuser students.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams. 

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Older Weyerhaeuser School
Older Weyerhaeuser School


15 thoughts on “Weyerhaeuser Elementary School — Back when”

  1. I went to Weyerhauser school in 1956 and would love to have any pictures of the school. Its a great memory to see this picture

    1. I’ll see if I can find more picture to post up there. My mom and uncles also went to school there, so hopefully they’ve got a few.

      1. can you send a picture of the brick school to me ,im guessing the school is no longer there ,and I have no pictures of this time in my life.It would be greatly appreciated.

        1. The school is still there. It is being converted to a different form of education. The owner is remodeling the interior to house former transitional veterans and civilians into Transitional, Vocational, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Rehabilitation. The owner is a veterans and minister who is keeping the exterior except for the roof in the original condition. The only change to the outside of the house is a concrete slab out the back door.

  2. Sharon Ward Hickman

    I went to Weyerhaeuser Elementary School back in the early 80’s (I loved my 6th grade teacher. Hi Mr. Castor!) Anyway, One year the students and staff got together and we buried a time capsule. I’ve since moved to Florida, years ago actually, and I’ve always wondered if they ever dug it up? Anyway of finding out?

    1. If you’d like to call, the Weyerhaeuser school number is (360) 879-1650. They could probably direct you to someone. Let me know what you find out. 🙂

  3. Barbara phillips cavalla

    Does anyone know which building was used up until like 1978? I went to kindergarten in old Weyerhaeuser school. It was off mountain hwy.

    1. Hi, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes, the building that is off the Mountain Highway is still there. It is being remodeled right now (for what purpose, I’m not 100% sure) but it looks very similar. You’d recognize it immediately. 🙂

  4. James Hamilton

    I happen to be the one honored enough to be doing the remodeling to this building. We are turning it into a ministry for men. It it owned by his truth ministries. I will take current pictures of the project and more as we build something to the glory of JESUS CHRIST MY KING….anyone that desires to take a look in person can give me a call at 360 913 4627. James…

  5. Attended 4th and half of 5th grades in 1974-75, before moving away. What a blast from the past to see these pic’s. Thank you for posting this site.

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