Charles Boettcher’s Pond, Alder, Wash. (early 1900s)

C. Boettcher log pond in Alder, Wash.
C. Boettcher log pond in Alder, Wash.

This picture is entitled “C. Boettcher log pond head works, Alder, Wa.”.

The pond and the logs may not seem all that impressive at first glance, but look closely. There is a man standing on one of the logs to give you some scale. Many of these trees are massive!

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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4 thoughts on “Charles Boettcher’s Pond, Alder, Wash. (early 1900s)”

  1. Charlie Boettcher’s “pond” must have relocated or changed considerably by the 1940-50’s. I remember swimming in his “pond” during those years on trips our family took from Bremerton, where we lived, to ‘the Carlson farm”, our family’s farm.

  2. This pond was formed behind this 1st Alder Dam aka “the head works”This lake was very small compared to the Alder Lake now.

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