Mashell Telephone Switchboard – The S’s (1950s)

Mashell Switchboard - More of the Ss
Mashell Switchboard – More of the Ss

Before it was Rainier Connect, it was Mashell Telephone Company, and they used a switchboard up until the early 1950s.

Here is a look at the Ss. Take a look and see if you spot anyone you know.

• Scotty’s Place – 71811
• Paula Snyder – 2-34433
• George Simons – 2-3688
Silver Lake Resort – 2-3590
• Mrs. Myrtle Skewis – 2-3143
• Cliff Schrag, 2-4453
• Charles Bartlett, 2-4453
Ivan (Casey) Swanson, 2-3876
Eric Swanson, 1-8J4
John Swanson, 601
• S. A. Swenson (Bros.), 2-4701

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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