Moore’s Restaurant
January 18, 2019 – 12:23 am | 5 Comments

If you were around in the area in the 70s and 80s, then you are familiar with Moore family. The Moore Family Mountain Crafts in Ashford, Washington provided a place for a multitude of talented …

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Arnie Haynes Boy Scout First Aid Kit
April 9, 2019 – 10:55 pm | No Comment
Arnie Haynes Boy Scout First Aid Kit

Boy scout motto is “be prepared” and that obviously included Boy Scout Arndon (Arnie) Haynes of Troop #63.

This was Arnie’s first aid kit that included gauze bandages, mercurochrome swabs and iodine.

If you aren’t …

Leo Pechhia, Sept. 1961
April 6, 2019 – 7:00 am | No Comment
Leo Pechhia, Sept. 1961

Leo Pecchia

If you have watched a movie at the Eatonville Roxy theater, you have Leo (Angelo) Pechhia to thank. He and his wife built the theater in the 1940s. Here we see Leo standing in …

Welcome to Eatonville, 1955 and Today
April 5, 2019 – 5:53 pm | No Comment
Welcome to Eatonville, 1955 and Today

Welcome Sign to Eatonville 1955

Back in 1955, long before it was Nevitt Park, there was just a simple sign that welcomed people to Eatonville and a street sign that directed people to the city center …

Eatonville Hotel – 1963
April 5, 2019 – 4:44 pm | No Comment
Eatonville Hotel – 1963

Eatonville Hotel, 1963

If you were walking down Mashell Ave., past Key Bank, toward the Roxy, on the right you would see the Eatonville Hotel. It was part of the Eatonville landscape for many decades. …

Logging Camp, ca. 1940s
April 4, 2019 – 10:40 pm | No Comment
Logging Camp, ca. 1940s

Logging camp at the base of Mt. Rainier.

I’m not sure exactly where this logging camp was located, or what logging company it belonged to, except that is was at the base of Mt. Rainier. …