Alder Grade School 1941

Alder Grade School 1941
Alder Grade School 1941

This picture showed up on Facebook via Diana Grant, and was restored by Charles Batchelor.

Lots of great comments came from this post. Here you go:

Diana Grant: This is Ethel Jacobson...I will be using this in my next book regarding the teachers of the Eatonville School District. I would love to have the students ID’d.

Kevin Hoskins: Some look familiar but the person that stands out is, Clarabelle Cronkite Nordstrom. 2nd row from the top, 4 from the left.

2nd Alder school ca 1909
2nd Alder school ca 1909

Mar Elliff: Miss Jacobson is the female teacher.

Peggy Divelbiss Kays: Great restoration! I remember Miss Jacobson teaching at Eatonville Grade school – my first grade teacher in the late 50’s.

Dennis Deck: My dad, back row 6th from right in between Jim and Howard Carl Rotter.

David Beane: Dictionary description of “Schoolmarm”=Miss Jacobson.😛..She was my 1st grade teacher at Eatonville 1959.

Alder Community Center, previously the Alder School
Alder Community Center, previously the Alder School

Kaylee Nunyabiz: This is presently School House Island, in Alder Lake. No [it’s not standing] just some part of the foundation. It’s an island that during winter you can occasionally walk to. But it’s an easy swim out to it on a hot day.

Stephen Parton: The actual schoolhouse (or part of it) is the community hall along Highway 7 in Alder (next to the store).

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  1. Speaking of old buildings, the old “whore house” on Lilly Dale Rd. Is now empty. I’ve heard they’re gonna bull doze it down. Seems like something can be done with it, as it pre dates Alder Lake and probably has a lot of history behind it. Bummer.

      1. Hi, I don’t know for sure if they are bul-dozing it, that’s just what the guy cleaning it up told me. Maybe you can get on to county records and find out the owner. There’s a public GIS for Pierce County.
        I think it’s only about a half acre. You can’t miss it when you first turn on Lilly Dale Rd, it’s the first house on the right.

        1. Thank you for this. Might run up there this evening. At the VERY VERY least, it seems like maybe the wood could be salvaged. Thanks for this info. – By the way, do you know who has information about the brothel? It’s the first time I had heard about it, which doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. I’m always “just” finding out. 🙂

          1. Hi again. I don’t know where the brothel thing came from, that’s just what I’ve always heard it referred to. Could have just been a roadhouse, motel or something of that nature. There’s a local lady around here and I will ask her, seems like I heard her say it was some kind of lodge back in the day. I’ll get back with ya.

  2. Hello again! I called a neighbor that has been around here for a long time and she said it was an old dance hall. I don’t know where the brothel thing came from. Evidently thr Matousek family has something to do with it. If ya can’t find anybody in the phone book, ask Adams at Elbe Mall. An old dance hall sounds more like something you would want to save instead of a brothel. Have fun.

    Jak Kelso

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  4. This is a beautiful photo and has at least 3 of the 5 Lemmons family children in it. I’m waiting for my uncle Alvin who is pictured here to give me more information on it. LaVon June Lemmons is the student in the second row from the top and third from left. She has a side part and her dress has a large, white collar. I believe one of her sisters is the young lady at the far end of the row on the right. I don’t know which one yet. Probably Charlotte Ann Lemmons. My father, Donald Everett Lemmons is the lad 3rd row from the top and 6th student from the left. He has the dark hair with widow’s peak/heart-shaped face. His brother, Alvin Dean Lemmons is seated on the right in the middle with the plaid shirt on. The youngest sister should be there too, but I’m not sure which one she is. Her name is Beverley Jean Lemmons. My father attended that school for 6 years from 1st to 7th grade. (He was born in 1930.) He said one room was for the grades 1 – 4 and the other room was for grades 5 – 8. High school students took a bus to Eatonville.

  5. Mr. Batchelor – would it be possible to use the photo in the Lemmons Family History book? If interested, you can see the book on the SCRIBD website. There is no monetary value in the book, just family history. We are planning an update of the book soon. Thanks. Julie Lemmons Bradley

  6. Correction. The young lady on the far right of row 2 from the top is not a family member. However, the 1st young lady in row 4 is Charlotte Ann Lemmons. Notice she is wearing a dress made of the same fabric as her sister LaVon’s. The fifth member of the family, Beverley Jean Lemmons is not pictured because she was too young to go to school then.

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