Eatonville Hospital – 1921
March 8, 2018 – 6:17 pm | No Comment

Here’s an old envelope from 1921 to Julie Dougher c/o of the the Eatonville Hospital. Don’t know anything about Julie — whether she was a nurse or a patient. (If you have any information, please …

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Creating Canyon Road – Pictoral (second set)
August 4, 2011 – 2:59 pm | No Comment
Creating Canyon Road – Pictoral (second set)

We’re lucky that during the building of the Canyon  Road in 1920, someone was up there taking a lot of photos. This second set of photos shows the temporary offices and was also where the men …

Touring Mount Rainier in an Electric Car — ca. 1920
July 19, 2011 – 9:20 am | 8 Comments
Touring Mount Rainier in an Electric Car — ca. 1920

Think electric cars are something modern? Your wrong. This car on a tour to Mt. Rainier around 1920 was all electric.
Enlarge this photo and you’ll see the sign on the car reads Detroit Electric — …

Population of Eatonville 1920-1975
June 19, 2011 – 9:00 am | One Comment
Population of Eatonville 1920-1975

Eatonville’s current population is 2,563. That’s almost three times what it was just a few decades ago.
Year                 Population
1920                 931
1930   …