TC Van Eaton Home — built 1898

TC Van Eaton home & family
TC Van Eaton home & family.  Pictured are Left to Right: Kate Dutton, Nellie Van Eaton, Jennie Miller, Frank, Susie and John Van Eaton. (Photo courtesy Pat VanEaton)

Pictured is the home built by T.C. Van Eaton in 1898, located on Rainier Street.

It was built after there were sawmills nearby for lumber and was the height of architecture in its day and the finest home for miles around.

It had eight room. Most of the cedar and scroll were were hand-planed by Lou Osborne. Mr. Van Eaton also freighted some boards, such as flooring, from Tacoma,

The dimension lumber came from Andrean’s mill at Muck Creek, and the foundation timbers from the Goe and Tomlin mill on the Little Mashell.

At the time it was the highest building in town and situated on a knoll. Originally there was a 110-foot well near the back door dug by Nate Williams with the assistance of Silas Barr, an Indian from Indian Henry’s village.

The small house next to is, toward Center Street, was built by Mr. Van Eaton for his mother, Mrs. Caroline Van Eaton, who lived there for five years in the early 1900s. (History of  Southeastern Pierce County)

During the 2009 Eatonville Centennial there was a tour a tea at the home.  You can read more about the home today in Dixie and Bob Walter’s article. Just click  HERE.

Pictured are Left to Right: Kate Dutton, Nellie Van Eaton, Jennie Miller, Frank, Susie and John Van Eaton.

19 responses to “TC Van Eaton Home — built 1898”

    • Pat,
      My name is Bernadine. I´ve just been reading through some papers of my Father who passed away a couple of years ago in Canada. In one of the books, he writes that his grandmother was named Nellie M. VanEaton. I can´t tell but he suggests she was either from North Dakota or BonAccord, Alberta. Is this any relation to Nellie that you have a photo of?
      Thank you,


      • Hi The Nellie Van Eaton that was married to TC Van Eaton grew up in Kansas & came to Eatonville around 1907.I don’t think they would be related.


    • I’m not sure. It’s owned by Tom Van Eaton, the original owner’s grandson. I know he added onto the house, but not sure if he ever registered it.


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