Canyada Lodge in La Grande

Canyada Lodge being built
Canyada Lodge being built

The Canyada Lodge, in La Grande, was designed by Heath and Gove and opened around 1912. John L. McMurray — a Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney — built the lodge or $92,500.

(This first picture, courtesy of Rich Williams, show it during construction. And I think those are goats on the hillside.)

Visitors on their way to Mount Rainier to could stop, enough the sights, which included the new dam. The lodge, had a short life and burned down in March 1927.

Canyada Lodge during construction
Canyada Lodge during construction

(Second picture, courtesy of Rich Williams, is also during the construction of the Lodge. The next photo, courtesy Pat Van Eaton, is a postcard to promote the elaborate getaway)

A lodge was rebuilt in 1931 by E.J. Leak, although not a elaborate as the first and in a different location closer to the highway. It too had a short live and burned in 1966. The site now houses a private residence.

Canyada post card
Canyada post card

(The next two photos are postcards of the lodge (Courtesy Rich Williams and Jeff Morrison.)

(Last, is the photo of the newer lodge, built in 1931. Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton, was taken in 1937.)

Post Card of Canyada Lodge
Post Card of Canyada Lodge
Canyada Lodge in 1937
Canyada Lodge in 1937

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  1. The ruins of the Canyada Lodge still exist today. The owner of the private residence mentioned above was a good friend of my father’s. Much of the stone work for the foundation and first floor were in place when I walked through the ruins about 14 years ago. I sat on the front stairs of the Canyada. The ruins are amazing. This is a great website. I will try to gain access to the Canyada Lodge ruins and get some photos to add.


    1. If you have photos of the ruins, that would be great. I’ll definitely get them up here to share. Wish I’d had a chance to see what it looked like inside. Always wondered if it was as unique as the exterior. Thanks again.

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  3. Diane Purdy Arnold

    I was always under the impression that the 2nd Canyada on the current Mtn. Hwy (Hwy 7) was called the Canyada Inn. Hopefully someone can let me know if I am wrong/right….. thanks.

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  6. Hi,

    I am an Architect who has been tracking down the work of Heath and Gove for several years and I am interested in anything that you can share on the building. Are there any drawings still in existance? What is the exact location of the original Inn?

    There are several good interior shots of the inn within the first few years of opperation at the U.W. special collections, I believe it was the Barnes collection and they were viewable on line.


    1. Hi,

      I can check with Pat Van Eaton. He’s the most likely person to know more about any building drawings. But the foundation is still there. I know that a person commented on it one of the blog posts. I’ll see if I can find it.

    2. Hi,

      Look at the bottom post. Mike P. knows where the original building stood. In fact, he provided photos later on that I posted.

      The Canyada Lodge is fascinating to lots of people. If you’d like me to post some of your information on Heath and Gove, I’d be more than happy to.

  7. Hi,

    My grandfather Truman A. Dawn was supposedly the owner of the Canyada Lodge when it burned. I do have several pictures of the lodge and iam willing to share them .——-I am searching for more information reguarding my grandfather. If anyone has any and wishes to share it i would love to hear from them.

    Terry Dawn

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  10. Kathy Dawn-Zanella

    Hi, Terry ~
    Hope this finds you well. Not sure if you remember me, I’m your cousin, Kathy.
    I was doing some surfing regarding the Canyada Lodge, saw your note and thought I would share what I remember Dad told me.
    There isn’t a lot to share, but this seemed to be a happy time in our fathers’ childhood. One of Dad’s most vivid memories was when Grampa Dawn carried him on his back out of a second story window while the lodge was burning. Dad took us to the ruins in the mid-to-late sixties and pointed out what some of the ruins were. It was pretty overgrown but a very beautiful area.
    I have a small brochure with information about the lodge; I’ll see if I can find it if you’re interested.
    Best regards,

      1. I have 5 or 6 photos of the lodge both inside and out —I am not sure where they came from , might have come from the UW.

        I am still very interested in as much information as I can get on the Lodge–

        My father also told me the same story about being packed out of the lodge.

        I am wondering if TRUMAN A. DAWN (my grandfather)was in ownership or just a lessor/renter or manager ?

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