Eatonville’s First Washing Machine

Mrs. Haynes washington with Eatonville's first washing machine
Maren Christensen washing with Eatonville's first washing machine

It’s hard to imagine that getting a washing machine was a picture-worthy event, but this washing machine was Eatonville’s first. Maren Christensen sits reading a book — no more scrubbing each piece of laundry by hand.

The Thor machine was quite high tech for the times. The makers of the Thor washer say:

Widely hailed as one of the top ten inventions of the last century, Thor washers quickly became a staple in American households, thus establishing the Thor brand as a symbol of quality and innovation.

Maren Christensen checking out her new washer.
Maren Christensen checking out her new washer.

Like many new products of its time, the Thor Washer made life easier by taking much of the labor out of a once arduous task. A machine could now handle the washing duties, freeing up many hours that before were spent scrubbing laundry.

Photo courtesy of the Haynes family.

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10 thoughts on “Eatonville’s First Washing Machine”

      1. I think so the name on the photos I scaned were signed Mary but that could be a nick name she used.

    1. The photo had her name on the back. It was spelled Maren. Diane, your dialogue includes the sentence, but this “washington” was Eatonville’s first??? You also have Mrs. Haynes under the picture. This should be Mrs. Christensen.

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  2. Her name was Maren but I had no idea this was the first washing machine in town….too fun. I am still trying to figure out if Grandpa Pete was on the school board, why didn’t his two daughters graduate from high school?

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