Tall Timber Used to be a Garage

Charlie Williams Garage - 1914
Charlie Williams Garage - 1914

Recognize this building? It’s Charlie Williams Garage — today known as the Tall Timber restaurant, located on Mashell Ave.

Charlie’s garage was built with money from the 1898 Yukon Gold Rush.

The Stage (far left) is a 1912 or 1913 automobile. The other cars are 1913 Model T Fords (aka Tin Lizzies).

The first three men on the left are: Rollie Patter, Bell Orley (one time teamster for T. C. Van Eaton) and Charlie Williams. The two on the far right are Sid Potter and Lee Smith.




10 thoughts on “Tall Timber Used to be a Garage”

  1. It was Babe’s cafe when I lived in Eatonville, It was quite the hub of the community. I remember the “babe’s school burger” for 15c. Basically a patty on a bun with some ‘special sauce’. Seems like Saturday mornings ,alot of the local working men would all meet for breakfast at Babe’s.

  2. Christina Thureson McGrath

    This garage owner is my grandfather, Charles Williams. His daughter was Joy Williams, my mom. Thanks so much for this special treasure that I’ll pass to my family, especially my cousins Wesley and Marla Williams – Charles was their grandfather also (their dad was Joe Williams). Pictures of the Williams family are rare in our generation! Charles was married to Zella June Chase, another Eatonville family and her brother Clair repaired all the school buses and lived in the little white house next to the bus garage. I spent many a night there when I was little. My aunt Billy Chase drove bus and worked in the cafeteria… Soo many many from just one picture – Thanks Abbie for this special gift.

  3. Christina,

    Ruthie & I have several hundred pictures of the Williams family. There are also pictures of Nate Williams, Charley’s father building the garage. We have also created a Williams video and have distributed it to all the Clyde & Hettie Williams cousins. If you want a copy, let me know. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Rich Williams

  4. I wish I could upload the pics I have.. my great grandmother’s family were the Kings.. had a cafe/garage Midway between Eatonville and Tacoma I believe.. My great Grandfather was Louis Grundell .. (1889) bought property from one of the original land owners.. So I’m assuming they met in Eatonville…

    1. The Grundells were an Eatonville family. I looked them up. I’ll try to see if I can find out some more info on them. 🙂

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