The Methodist Church and the Women of Eatonville – 1911

Women of Eatonville - early 1900s
Women of Eatonville - early 1900s

in 1959 the Dispatch had a 50th Anniversary section. It was filled with information of years gone past.

This particular piece shows the women behind the town’s men — and a few of the kids a well. I wish they had listed the women’s first names and not just their husbands’ names. But I guess that was just a sign of the times.

The text that goes with this piece reads:

The Early settlers were without churches, but every month or so a traveling minister would stop and conduct services. The first denominational church in Eatonville was the Methodist Church, which, according to church records, dates back to 1903. It did not have a building until 1912 and services were generally held in Van Eaton’s Hall.

Two years after the town’s incorporation the Eatonville Ladies’ Aid was holding meetings. This group later became the Women’s Society of Christian Service. Memebers of the Ladies’ Aid pictured here are: standing (left to right), Mrs. Charles Turner, Mrs. Art Waddell, Miss Hazel Williams, the woman with the baby is not identified, Mrs. T. C. Van Eaton, Miss Louise Nagley, Mrs. Fred Matheny, Mrs. Tom Williams, Miss Gilmore and Mrs. Clyde Williams.

Methodist Church in 2010
Methodist Church in 2010

Seated (left to right), Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Ed Williams, Mrs. J. E. Calloway, Mrs. C. A. Nettleton and Mrs. Nate Williams.

The children in the front row are May Sabourin, Jennie Van Eaton, Ray Williams and Fay Williams.

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