Sasquatch Sightings

Diane Mettler's Bigfoot
Diane Mettler's Bigfoot


Mention Bigfoot and it’s just a matter of time before you hear about someone who claims to have seen the tall, hairy beast. Heck, I know several people — folks I consider sane and reasonable — who will swear they spotted him just miles from my house.

Eatonville Sasquatch Central
According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization there are more Sasquatch sightings in Washington than any other state, and more sightings in Pierce County than any other county. So that would put Eatonville in Sasquatch Central.

Although we don’t talk much about our Sasquatch sightings, he’s definitely become part of our culture.

1971: Eatonville created a float for the Daffodil parade, complete with a Sasquatch. The float won a best humor award.

1972. A camera crew from Channel 5 came out and interviewed young men about a Sasquatch sighting.

1972. The Dispatch featured a cover story (extremely tongue and cheek) about Game Warden George Smallwood’s error in not following up the Sasquatch lead involving a calf killing.

Boys being interviewed - By Channel 5 (Dispatch Photo)
Boys being interviewed – By Channel 5 (Dispatch Photo)


1975. The bar on Mashell Ave. changed its name to Bigfoot Tavern.

1981: Four kids spotted Bigfoot near Alder Lake. A witness said, “We  . . . noticed rustling sounds in the bushes directly across the creek from us, maybe 40-50 feet away.  As we kept walking and trying to see what was making the sounds, we realized whatever it was, was keeping pace with us across the creek.

“Then we noticed a face peering through an opening in the bushes. It was mostly covered in reddish-brown shaggy hair. The eyes were a golden brown color. We kept walking another 100 yards or so, with the sasquatch peeking through the bushes maybe two more times. We ran back to camp, fast. We told our parents, who took us pretty seriously. I remember reading about other sightings in the area that same weekend when we got home from camping. (

May 10, 2010: Three hikers surprised a Bigfoot near the Eatonville cutoff road. One of the witnesses said, “I and my friends were hiking at the Eatonville waterfalls when we smelt a wet dog musky sweet smell. We figured it was elk or a bear. When we turned the corner by the middle fall there was a huge black creature crouching over like a human drinking from the river. My buddy gave a surprised yelp and it looked up stared at us for a minute then moved lightning quick into the trees. It didn’t seem scared but more annoyed. (

Eatonville Daffodil Float 1972 (Dispatch Photo)
Eatonville Daffodil Float 1971 (Dispatch Photo)


June 2011: There are plans to shoot a music video in near Eatonville. The subject? Bigfoot.

And the legend continues . . .

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6 responses to “Sasquatch Sightings”

  1. Visiting Ashford soon looking for something sqatchy like wood carvings or statues, anything really. Would appreciate feed back. Thank yoi.


      • I have taken many pictures of bigfoot carvings throughout Western Wa. and a couple in Oregon. Would love to see yours if possible. Will be driving through Eatonville Presidents weekend.


      • That’s the weekend of the 16th/17th, right? That should work. If you’d like to contact me direction ( we can firm up the details. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can find any other Bigfeet around. 🙂


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