Amazing shot of Eatonville in 1913

Downtown Eatonville - 1913
Downtown Eatonville – 1913

Even thought this picture was taken in 1913, you can see see the outline of the town it is today. And that odd intersection by the bank.

If you click on the image and enlarge you case see lots of detail. Like on the left hand side is T.C. Van Eaton’s store (now a parking lot next to Kirk’s Pharmacy).

The bank hasn’t been built yet, but there seems to be a open space on the corner just waiting for it to be built.

The clump of buildings (center right) is the Snow Hotel is where the Eatonville Manor stands today. The tiny building in the back looks to be T.C. Van Eaton’s original cabin, which was moved to the Milltown park.


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  1. The1913 date was my best guess based on the telephone poles. There are no utility poles for electric power so it had to be before 1914 but after phone service which started in 1910.

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