Center Street Blacksmith Shop

Black smith shop on Center Street & Rainier
Black smith shop on Center Street & Rainier

Long before there was Eatonville Auto Center or Arrow Hardware, Mr. Casey and Mr. Johnson had their blacksmith shop on Center Street and Rainier.

You can see the forge in back where they heated up the metal. The anvil sits front of Mr. Johnson where they forged the metal into shapes using the sledge hammer leaning against anvil.

The temperatures must have been sweltering. Luckily, it looks like the building was well ventilated.

Photo courtesy of Gary & Davvie Saint.

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8 thoughts on “Center Street Blacksmith Shop”

  1. It was across from the town hall and burned down the the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Duell Drane was operating it as Eatonville Welding Works. John Van Eaton had Claude Kipling and Ron Predmore build a new concrete block building for him behind his dealership, what is now Sorenson’s on Mashell Ave.

  2. I know the building. Thanks for the information. You don’t happen to know if anyone still has anything metal that they know these guys or others in the blacksmith shop worked on.

    1. Had shackles that were made by backsmiths but tossed them out just lately. Don’t know if they were made in Eatonville. If I find anymore in my collection I’ll save for you.

  3. I wondered how they powered the blower on the forge after studing the picture I noticed the flat belt coming thur the hole in the wall. It goes up a shaft in the ceiling rafters & a small flat belt goes to the blower. What powered the belt coming from the outside we can only guess.The items above the work bench appear to be choker hooks & shackles for loggers.

  4. I’m also truly amazed that it took that long for it to burn down considering what they are doing inside a wood structure.

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