Levi Engel, Blacksmith and MUCH more

Levi Engel
Levi Engel

If I had been born about 100 years earlier, I might have had a crush on Elbe’s Mr. Levi Engel. From what I can tell, he was as extremely interesting — blacksmith, editor, justice of the peace and photographer. A real Renascence man!

Levi died in 1934, at only 66. His obituary (below) reads:

Levi Ernest Engel, who would have been been 66 on May 23, died Sunday in a local hospital following a year’s illness during which he had suffered several strokes. His first attach in 1926 forced his retirement.

Mr Engel was a pioneer of Elbe, having been editor of the Union there for many years, justice of the piece and active in all of the civic and social affairs of the town. He was known as an expert in mechanical work.

Mr. Engel was born in Alexandria, Ill., May 23, 1868, the yougest of a family of 11 children. His boyhood was spent with his parents in Pilger, Neb. When was was 19 he came to Elbe. He was married there in December, 1900, to Miss Pearl B. Edwards, who survives him at the home. Three sons, who of whom died in infancy, were born. Ray, the survivor, lives in Elbe. The deceased was a member of the I.O.O.F. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows] in Elbe for 30 years.

Levi Engel Obituary
Levi Engel Obituary

Photo Courtesy of the Eatonville Historical Society.

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