Original King’s Place (1920s)

King's Place - first building ca. 1920s
King's Place - first building ca. 1920s

This was the original King’s Place located next door to the Ohop Grange on Highway 7. It was owned by Rosco B. and Lottie King. From the look of the cars, it looks like it was built in the 1920s.

It was a simple, one-pump gas station, and you have to wonder if it was maybe Lottie’s idea to dress things up with some flowers out front.

King’s place with transform over the years. Keep posted for more images and stories.

Photos courtesy of Margit Thorvaldson.

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King's Place - Original building, side shot
King's Place - Original building, side shot





5 thoughts on “Original King’s Place (1920s)”

  1. Old school “Mini-Mart !! I wish they would go back to simple little gas stations, and markets. and the “Motor Lodges” with a Little cabin and a place to park your car. These just seemed like simpler, and more personal times.

    1. Yeah, I think that would be cool too. I’ve thought it would be fun to open a “vintage” b&b that’s kind of a travel back in time.

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