Post Office – 1913

Post Office 1913
Post Office 1913

In 1913 the postoffice was open, even on Christmas.

This picture is scanned from a postcard written to Mr. and Mrs. H. Kjelstad on December 25, 1913, and postdated the same day. Postage back then was 1 cent.

Pictured on the left is Fred Matheney, Eatonville’s first rural carrier with his car loaded with the day’s mail, in December, 1913. The man pictured with him is believed to be C.H. Williams, who was the second postmaster in town.

According to History of Tacoma Eastern Area, the post office came to Eatonville right along with founder T.C. Van Eaton. He opened a post office in his first building on the town site and immediately secured a government contract to carry mail.

The Dispatch wrote in 1974, “[T.C.] Van Eaton’s first commission as Postmaster bore the signature of Benjamin Harrison, then President of the United States. ¬†After serving for 18 years, Van Eaton signed the petition to C.H. Williams in 1907.”

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams.

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