Building High School . . . Or Back to the Future

Building of Eatonville High School ca. 1915
Building of Eatonville High School ca. 1915

This is a great shot of the Eatonville high school under construction in around 1909. But every time I see it I think of the Back To the Future III, when we see the 1885 clock tower under construction.

Is it just me? You be the judge.

Photo courtesy of Gary and Debbie Saint.

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Building 1885 Clock Tower in Back to the Future III

Building 1885 Clock Tower in Back to the Future III

7 thoughts on “Building High School . . . Or Back to the Future”

  1. Hi Diane,

    Oddly enough, this school building was first built in 1904. It had two rooms downstairs, two rooms upstairs and an auditorium. It burned down in 1909. Another school was built on the same location later that year. It had two rooms and an office upstairs, three rooms downstairs and a music room. It was built by N.P. Christensen at a cost of $9,000.00. It also burned down in 1910. The district rehired N.P. Christensen to build a third school using the same plans as the previous school. This school was torn down in 1926 when the new brick grade school was built. (Now Eatonville High School South Hall.) The wood from the old grade school was salvaged and used to build the Crestview Appartments located on the northeast corner of Rainier Street and Carter Street. The Crestview Appartment building was torn down a few years ago to make way for the new Eatonville Clinic. These plans never materialized.

  2. Since the fence is already up in front of the school, it is most likely either the second or third rebuild. That would rule out 1904. Since the second and third buildings used the same blueprints, it’s hard to tell which building this is. Building number two was built in 1909 and number three was built in late 1910. That’s as close as I can get to answering your question.

  3. I delivered the “TNT” newspaper to a few tenants of the Crestview Apts. back in ’67-’68. I can still remember the weird old and musty smell that building had. Funny how certain things stick with us over the years !!

  4. Diane,
    Speaking of the clock tower from ‘back to the future’.. I think you set the clock on your Eatonville time machine a few hous ahead !! did you notice that, or do want people to think you are working your site in the middle of the night !!?? It appears to be about 7 hours into the future !!

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