Lumberman’s Hospital (ca 1920s)

Lumberman's Hospital
Lumberman's Hospital

Recognize this building? It’s the home across from the high school on Mashell, only back in the day it was the Lumberman’s Hospital.

Insurance for Loggers
Dr. A. W. Bridge has a contract with the Eatonville Lumber Company employees where each employee paid $1.00 per month for medical care. Dr. Bridge also had doctors in Kapowsin, Minaerl, Ashford and Morton. (There were no shortage of patients will all the logging taking place.)

In 1923 Dr. Bridge opened offices in Tacoma and in 1926 opened the Bridge Clinic in Tacoma specializing in surgery.

Lumberman's Hospital (across from high school)
Lumberman's Hospital (across from high school)

He continued the hospital in Eatonville until 1932 and had doctors in town until 1946 — the year he retired. All the Bridge Clinic contracts with industrial concerned expired the last week of May, 1946, and the local union signed up with the Pierce County medical Bureau.  (History of Tacoma Eastern Area)

Photos courtesy of Debbie and Gary Saint.

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  1. Let’s vote in the Dr. Bridge Medical plan, sounds alot better than anything out there today !! I remember Dr. Nevitt as the town Dr. when I was young. He had his office/home on the west side of Mashell Ave, about a block down from the School. Dr. Hightower was the town dentist, on the east side of Mashell ave. about a half block from the school. Dr. Hightower’s son, Denny, worked for my dad at Mashell motors.

  2. I would have loved to meet Dr. Bridge. Everything about this guy screams interesting. Seemed like doctor/nice guy/business man all in one.

  3. I have a photograph of the Lumberman’s Hospital with what I bel1eve is the staff gathered on the porch and steps; names of those pictured are listed on the back. Got in a garage sale years ago. It’s dated April 30th 1912, and Dr Bridge is one of those pictured. I have no real use for it, and would happily send it to you of you’d like to have it.

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late. The holidays kind of overwhelmed me. I would LOVE the photo. And I would leave it to the town with my other photos, should anything every happen to me. 🙂 My number is 360-832-1745

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