School Busses (1940’s)

Eatonville School - busses 1950s
Eatonville School – busses 1950s

Kids have been catching the busses at Eatonville for over half a century.

If you enlarge the photo you’ll see on the side of the bus it reads: Eatonville School District 335.

Interesting Fact: School bus yellow is a color especially formulated in 1939 for use on school buses in North America. It was originally called “national school bus chrome.”

Photo courtesy of the Tacoma Public Library.

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11 thoughts on “School Busses (1940’s)”

  1. That is such a cool picture !! I love those old school buses. Check out the rear fender skirts !! This is a priceless picture.

  2. Pat Van Eaton

    HiI’m going to guess the picture was taken somewhere between 1937 & 1946 based on the bus on the far left which I’ve seen in photos from the 1920’s.Love the picture it’s one I’ve never seen.

  3. The 3 white School busses are 1938 or 1939 International-Harvesters. the one on the far left is definitly something from the 1920’s

    1. I know the busses were not white, but yellow( School bus chrome yellow) but they look white in the picture.

  4. dimettler,

    Could I have permission to use this photo in a documentary I’m doing? I just need a nice, big, generic photo of a school bus similar to this one.



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