Center Street — Before it was Center Street

Grove Ave. — now Center Street
Grove Ave. — now Center Street

This photo of Grove Street (which I believe is now Center Street) makes you wonder what drew people here. This picture makes Eatonville look more like a ghost town than a growing pioneer community.

To the far right I’m told is the well that stood in front of  T.C. Van Eaton’s trading post.

Photos courtesy Debbie & Gary Saint.

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  1. I notice Mashell Ave. looks like it did about month ago. HAHA (when it was down to dirt and gravel before being repaved) I think all the pioneer towns looked like this in their primative beginnings. If the town had a tavern, a church, and a general store, that’s all they needed !!

  2. Hi you’re right & the Groe Hotel would be to the far right of the well. There are no tetephone lines so the picture must be older than 1910

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