Eatonville Lumber Company Locomotive

Locomotive for Eatonville Lumber Co. -  ca. 1920
Locomotive for Eatonville Lumber Co. - ca. 1920

When the Eatonville Lumber Company was in business, locam0tives were a common site.

Pat Van Eaton says the Eatonville Lumber Company used Climax and Shay locomotives. In fact, the lumber company had three geared locomitives, all standard gage, and 20 miles of track east of Eatonville. “They ceased rail logging in 1940 and their last locomotive — a 90-ton Shay — was cut up for scrap in 1945.”

Until 1941 the lumber company did its own logging from its own timber and did not, as a rule, buy logs. The company maintianed railroad tracks, owned locomotives and cars, and operated a logging camp. (History of Tacoma Eastern Area.)

Logging Locomotive ca. 1920
Logging Locomotive ca. 1920

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams.

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One of Eatonville Lumber Company's locomotives (ca. 1920)
One of Eatonville Lumber Company's locomotives (ca. 1920)

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  1. It is kind of sad to see a booming industry gone, only traces of it’s existance are in a few photos. Thank you Pat for saving and sharing these pieces of Eatonville’s logging “Glory Days”
    thanks to Diane for this site to show the world some things about Eatonville that most people didn’t know.

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