Livery Stable on Mashell Ave.

Eatonville livery stable & pool hall, ca. 1900
Eatonville livery stable & pool hall, ca. 1900

Historically, a livery stable was where horses, teams and wagons were for hire. Also privately-owned horses could be boarded there for a short time.

I’m not sure what Eatonville’s livery stable was like, but almost all towns had them, because in addition to providing vital transportation service, it was also a source of hay, grain, coal, and wood.

The downside of a livery stable was the smell, especially one a main street like Mashell Ave. But I’m sure folks were used to it back then.

Based on the writing on the photo, pictured here are Bill McCutcheon and Ed Skewis. Bill and Ed were quite different types. Bill liked to box, and Ed served as both the town’s  councilman and treasurer. Also, in 1916 a new business opened it’s doors — Fredrickson and Skewis confectionery.

Picture courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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  1. This buiding was located on the west side of Mashell Ave about where the Pet Pruner is to the left was a spur of the Tacoma Eastern RR you can just see a rail in the lower left conner of the photo on the other side of the track is the durg store. A 1914 map of Eatonville shows it as a livery stable.

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  3. Van Eaton Chevrolet before there were Chevrolets!! It might have been Van Cleve Ford, they probably did have some “Mustangs” and “Pintos”….One thing for sure, it was some sort of sales office with all the “horse$%#!” around !! (WHAT ?? I meant, horseplay !!)

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