Roudof Kobb and his Accordion

Roudof Kobb
Roudof Kobb

I don’t know anything about this picture, but I like it. Knowing that Roudof Kobb was supplying some music during what looks like a shingle-making operation, makes me feel like the loggers had a cultured side as well.

Accordions, known as the one-man-band, are a rather new instrument, developed in the 1800s.

Courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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1 thought on “Roudof Kobb and his Accordion”

  1. ..anda one-a anda two-a, let’s give a bigga hand-a for Roudof-a Kobb. (Lawrence Welk comes to Eatonville.)….. Or ..Polka while you saw !!try this….. “Innn and out and innn and out, Roudolfs got a squeeze box, Eatonville never sleeps at night” (slightly adapted fom a song by “The Who”)

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