Evergreen Equipment Calendar (ca. 1972)

Ohop Valley ca. 1940
Ohop Valley ca. 1940

I thought maybe the date on this calendar was 1940 — since the phone number was MArket 7-6808. (In 1940 Glen Miller recorded  Glenn Miller “PEnnsylvania 6-5000″, which was the telephone number for the Hotel Pennsylvania.)

However, Don from Evergreen Equipment tells me it was around 1972.

“Evergreen Equipment was started in 1956 by Harold Flowers and Jim Moergeli. My dad, Don Hendershot, moved his family up here from California in 1962 to go to work for them. When Harold and Jim wanted to retire, my dad bought the business in 1978 and moved it to it’s present location, 221 Puyallup Ave. And we still have the original phone number, 627-6808 —  used to be MA-7.
I remember seeing those calendars as a kid. This picture is at least from 1972 or newer, because they didn’t start selling Stihl products until then.
Image courtesy of Linda Lewis and Evergreen Equipment.

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3 thoughts on “Evergreen Equipment Calendar (ca. 1972)”

  1. The house and barn on the left side of the picture looks very much like what was the Nelsons’ dairy farm back in the ’60s. My younger sister and I used to spend summer days there back in ’64 &’65. Both my folks were busy working long hours at the NEW Mashell Motors, so my mom would drop us off there in the morning, and pick us up at night on her way home. After spending a couple summers on a dairy farm, I knew that I DIDN’T want to be a dairyman. The Nelsons had a couple kids that were about our ages, so we had alot of fun doing kid stuff. I drove by that farm a couple years back. It was quite run down, junk cars all over, weeds had taken over everywhere. I don’t think it is a dairy farm anymore. So sad to see so many things change to the worse.

    1. Yes, that is the Nelson farm. The folks who live there now are unfortunately growing old vehicles. But the kids are still around.  . . . So you didn’t want to be a dairyman, huh? Just got done herding cows and separating the steers for butchering. 🙂

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