List of Merchandise When King’s Place Sells (1962)

Merchandise list (and prices) for King's Place when it closed, March 16, 1962
Merchandise list (and prices) for King's Place when it closed, March 16, 1962

When the Thorvaldsons sold King’s Place in 1962, this was the list of inventory and prices. It says as much about what was sold in the restaurant as 1962.

Image courtesy Margit Thorvaldson.

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  1. In ’62 minimum wage was $1.15 an hour. So I guess all things are relitive. I remember my 1st job, working for my dad at Mashell Motors, making 1.25 hr in 1966. Gas was less than 30c a gallon, candy bars a nickel, a bottle of coke was 15c out of the machine. you could buy a new Dodge Dart for about $2200. Babe’s Cafe had the 13c “school burger”.

      1. Heck I thought they just took your mom to the barn, and you were birthed like one of the calves !! (LOL) I know NOT having health insurance was not as important and financially devistating as it is today. a trip to emergency would NOT be as much as your house mortgage back then !!

        1. Odd you should mention the barn. My mom was in labor with my brother and they waited until dad was finished milking the cows. Dad had to deliver Lincoln in the car on the way to the hospital. (Luckily, dad had helped deliver some calves.) When dad tells the story, you’d think mom barely made an appearance. 🙂

          1. I’m still rolling on the floor !! (roflmao) I bet that was a story that got told at every family reunion, barbeque, and bowling alley for many years !! My gut still hurts !! :<))

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