Shopping at Elbe in 1896

Adam Sachs' General Store in Elbe
Adam Sachs' General Store in Elbe

If you were to stop by the store in Elbe on August 12, 1896, here are prices tags you’d be looking at. Of course, the names of some of these items make you wonder what you’d be buying.

Market Report from the Elbe Union Paper
Creamery – 17 cents
Calf –  17 cents
Eggs –
Strickly fancy – 14 cents, Oregon’s ranch – 10 cents, Cheese 9 cents
Chickens live per doz. $3.50, dressed 12.5 cents

Images provided courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and information taken from History of Tacoma Eastern Area.

Adam Sachs's home located in Elbe, WA
Adam Sachs's home located in Elbe, WA

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8 thoughts on “Shopping at Elbe in 1896”

  1. Does anyone know what became of Adam Sachs’ home? It seems like a very significant structure and very modern given the time it was built. I pass through Elbe regularly and believe I have a good idea of where it likely stood. I wonder if the remains of the foundation are still there?

    1. I know there is a house there now, but it doesn’t look like this one. Now you’ve got me curious. Next time I’m in Elbe maybe I’ll drive up and knock on the door and see if the current residents know anything.

  2. After thoroughly studying the available photos my hunch places it in a now wooded area. If you drive into Elbe from the north and turn left onto 542nd street (just before the IOOF building) and follow it straight back, I believe it was on the hilltop pretty much directly ahead of you. There is a private residence on the hill. The driveway to it goes up and makes a large loop as if to avoid something. If there is a remaining foundation there I’ll bet its next to this driveway. Lots of no trespassing signs though. Google Earth is a valuable tool for such investigations.

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