Pecchia home – Then and Now

Pecchia home around 1950
Pecchia home around 1950

The Pecchia home was built around the 1930s. It’s still standing today, looking just as beautiful as when it went up almost 80 years go.

It was Angelo and Regina Pecchia that built and ran the Eatonville Roxy for years.

Photos courtesy of Rich Williams and Chris Bivins.

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Former Pecchia home 2011
Former Pecchia home 2011

10 responses to “Pecchia home – Then and Now”

  1. Any Idea who owns this house now ? Ihis is another real classic house in Eatonville, that I drool over !! I remember as a kid, how much I really liked certain houses in Eatonville, this being one of them. One of the others was the Swansons house, on the corner of Orchard Ave. and Ridge Drive. I remember they had a real classy Thunderbird, and the house and car always reminded me of some fancy house in Hollywood.


  2. I’m not sure. I’ll ask my folks. I’ll have to check out the Swanson House. Sounds like you might have drooled over their Thunderbird more than the house. 🙂


  3. RE the Pecchia house, Donna Pecchia Turner, Joan Morrison Larson and I spent a lovely spring day walking through Eatonville a couple years ago, remembering “who lived where” when we were growing up. Donna told us that the two olive trees in front of her former home (2011 photo) were planted by her mother. She had “smuggled” them through immigration when she came from Italy. Among my many happy memories of Donna’s family is her father impressing us by eating hot peppers and her mother’s wonderful “authentic” Italian pizza.


    • That’s a GREAT story! Thanks so much for sharing, I wonder if the new owners would let me take a couple cutting from one of the trees. 🙂


  4. Jack Headlee, an Eng. at EHS, and wife own the Peechio home. They have made wonderful refinishing details to the interior.

    Yes, the Pine trees in front were “cleaverly” brought over to Wash, from Mrs. P’s home in Italy. This last winter storm destroyed one and a half of those beauatiful trees that Jack had pruned and cared for so well.


  5. I grew up in this wonderful Pecchia House. I remember we moved there in 1941. Matt Khelstad was the builder. It was a most beautiful home
    to us. My Mother kept telling my father that she wanted to return to Italy where all the houses were made of stone, so he built her a brick house to please her. She loved the house and they lived there for 55 years.
    One of the nicest surprises for them was when the neighbors knocked on the door one night and gave them a housewarming. Each came in bearing a gift for the new home. My parents never forgot that warm and generous welcoming.
    My bedroom window looked out over the back half of the property and I would go to my room and read looking out at 34 fir trees. We children (four of us) would play hide n seek and cowboys till dark in the summer.
    It was the most wonderful nuturing place to grow up as a child.
    My mother loved nature and brought the seeds from Italy and planted the pine trees. We shook our heads, thinking they will never grow.
    She knew better and she would love to see them today.
    Thank-you for posting this pic. It brings back so many warm memories of growing up in Eatonville. Anita Pecchia (Dippery)


    • No, THANK YOU for your wonderful post. It’s fun to hear Matt Kjelstad built the home. And it’s still as beautiful as ever!


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