1913 Baseball team & School Courses

Here is a glimpse into the “Catalogue and Announcement of Eatonville Public Schools for Session 1913-14”. This 28-page catalog was leather bound and contained just everything you needed to know about Eatonville School, including the blueprint of the gymnasium that was under construction.

Shown here is 1913 EHS  baseball team.
Top Row (LtoR): F. Petersen, M. Van Eaton, H. Elmlund, Mr. Lyon, Mr. Hollingsworth, H. Johnson, W. Nettleton.
Bottom Row: (LtoR): C. Williams, E. Pravitz, E. Christensen, R. Christensen, G. Smith.

1913 School catalog - Course Study
1913 School catalog - Course Study

Course Outline
For you academics, you’ll be interested to see that the course outline reads more like today’s colleges. You could pick your course of study — classical, scientific, manual arts or english.

These lines of study look pretty tough, in particular the classical with its heavy emphasis in latin, and the scientific, which included, among other things, zoology and solid geometry.

Images courtesy of Ruthie Williams. 

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