Kjelstad Farm

Kjelstad barn - early 1900s
Kjelstad barn - early 1900s — Olava standing in the doorway

In 1889 a Norwegian named Henry Kjelstad settled in Ohop Valley. He married another Norwegian, Olava and this is a picture of their farm years later.

The farm moved through the generations:
• Olava and Henry’s son Matt and he and his wife Velma lived at the farm,
• They were followed by Matt and Velma’s daugther Caroline and her husband Steve Burwash. Steve still lives at the homestead today and farms.

Photos courtesy of Steve Burwash.

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Kjestand family haying — Olava in the center
Kjelstad family haying — Olava is the white haired woman in the center

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  5. Edwin Kjelstad Pearson

    I love these pictures. We were at the farm a few summers ago with Matt and Judy Kjelstad along with cousin Sigmund Bjørnevik and his wife from Norway. All of us are cousins. Our great great grandfather was Amund born in 1846 and died in 1946. He lived his entire life in Kjelstali Norway. Amund was Henry’s brother.
    My Mother Charlotte Kjelstad Pearson middle name was Olava. She was named after her great aunt Olava.

  6. Hi
    I am also a relative of Henry and Olave Kjelstad. My mom is Bertha Kjelstad and her father was Amund Kjelstad. Bertha is a sister to Matt Kjelstad mentioned above. I am thankful for all the history research you have done on the Kjelstads. I am in the process of tracing our line back to Norway and creating a family history album I can pass down to our future generations. Thank you again. I love this website.

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