Big Incline – National, Wash.

Big Incline, Pac. Nat. Lumber Co., 1926
Big Incline, Pac. Nat. Lumber Co., 1926

This image was recently donated to the Eatonville Historical Society. It was taken by photographer C. Kinsey in August 1926 of the “Big Incline” at Pacific National Lumber Company in National, Wash.

There were a number of logging accidents every year in the area. This incline looks dangerous even without loggers using it.

Photo courtesy of Eatonville Historical Society.

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  2. John Taubeneck

    The hoist used on this incline was Washington Iron Works #3365 a 12X14 with a Gypsy drum. It was shipped from Seattle on May 5, 1922. Later it was converted to a 1-drum machine. It ran away and was wrecked in 1935 while being moved. The machine is upside down near the top of the incline as of 2003.

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