Kids on School Bus No. 4 (1920s)

Eatvonille School bus (1920s)
Eatvonille School bus (1920s)

Before there were big yellow school buses, Eatonville transported kids in busses like these. They look a little like trolley car glued to the front end of a truck, but the kids seem to like it.

The only thing missing is a school bus driver. Maybe he’s taking the picture.

Photo courtesy of Terry and Sharon Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

4 responses to “Kids on School Bus No. 4 (1920s)”

  1. That appears to be a 1927 ‘White’ school bus. White trucks were used alot in the 20’s for many applications from school buses, to dump trucks, to logging trucks, and 100’s of other commercial uses.

    Seeing an old bus like that reminds me of Wilton Colyer, my architecural drafting teacher I had in 10th grade at Eatonville H.S.

    He told us he was in a school bus accident as a child, that had mangled one of his hands and arm. He said his arm got crushed between the window and window post when the bus crashed.

    I was amazed at how well he was stii able to use his damaged arm and hand. His class is what helped me choose a direction in life.
    I really enjoyed arch. drafting, and most of my career has be diectly or indirectly related to that field.

    Wilton Colyer also taught drivers education. We had to learn how to drive on Ice and snow before we passed !!


    • He sounds like a great guy. We had drivers Ed in the summer – thank god for me, because I don’t think I could have handled snow and ice. I hit a gas station attendant the way it was.

      What career Sid you choose?


      • I didn’t do alot of arch drafting, some autocad, but mostly I did alot of building designing and 3-D renderings. I have also done alot detailed design sketches. I worked in the building trade most of my life.


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