Ohop Weekly (April 1928)

Ohop Weekly April, 1920
Ohop Weekly April, 1928

The Ohop Weekly was a school newsletter from the Edgerton School, which was located in — you guessed it — Ohop Valley. (I think the 1920 date at the top is a typo, which I can relate too. God, knows how many typos I’ve added to publications over the years.)

Reading through it, there is information about a track meet and Community Day. But there is also quite a bit about visitors coming to the area, which was a much bigger deal in those days.

Hats off to the student writers and editors:
Editor – Alice Peterson
Assistant Editor – Fred Johnson
Sports Editor – L. Anderson
Society Editor – J. Anderson
Reporters: Jewel Anderson, Rahma and Harley Henricksen

Edgerton School
Edgerton School

Photos courtesy of Linda Lewis.

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