When Eatonville Outdoor was a Jewelry Store (1916 & 2012)

Eatonville Outdoor 2012
Eatonville Outdoor 2012

On the corner of Center and Mashell you’ll find Eatonville Outdoor — a shop for all your outdoor sports needs.

A hundred years ago you would have found a jewelry shot owned by the Joseph Hearn. He started his business in 1916. In 1918 Mr. Hearn sold the store to N. H. Larson.

The little shop has been a lot of things over the years, including the post office, but really hasn’t changed all that much.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Jewelry shop (currently Eatonville Outdoor)
Jewelry shop (currently Eatonville Outdoor)

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Jewlrey shop before it was Eatonville Outdoor — and before there was a theater
Jewlrey shop before it was Eatonville Outdoor — and before there was a theater

3 thoughts on “When Eatonville Outdoor was a Jewelry Store (1916 & 2012)”

  1. I would have really liked it if Eatonville had had a bicycle shop back when I was a kid. There was a hardware store next to Christensens, but they didn’t carry much bike stuff, maybe some bicycle tires and innertubes, but none of the cool parts to make my home-made stingray look like a fancy store bought “Schwinn”, I would have to wait for my folks to go to Puyallup, so I could get stuff at the Coast to Coast store.
    That building was the Post Office the intire time I lived in Eatonville, and earlier at ClearLake. I remember all along the wall were a bunch little brass doors with numbers on them, and windows in them, and a combination dial to open them. Those would be very cool to have today, just for a conversation piece in my den !!

    1. Yeah, I remember it as a post office too, and then an antique store. lI never even thought of a bike shop when I was a kid. Most of our bikes were fixed with metal bailing twine or worse. 🙂

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