Griffith & Graeber Logging (1921 & 1923)

Griffih & Graeber Logging (1923)
Griffih & Graeber Logging Camp (1923)

I’m forever thankful that someone took time to grab these shots of the Griffith & Graeber Logging Company.

In this first picture not only do you get to see the guys at the camp, and the one-tree load hauled out in February, 1923, but you can also see the steam donkey at work in background.

The second shot, I believe was taken around 1921 gives you an up close look at the primitive trucks that hauled that big wood out. Of course, back then they were state-of-the-art.

Griffith & Graeber Logging, 1921
Griffith & Graeber Logging, 1921

Photos courtesy of the Graeber family.

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    1. I was thinking that it was interesting that a guy was wearing a tie out in the woods. Different time. 🙂

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