Young and Cole Lumber Co. 1907

Young & Cole Lumber Co. 1907
Young & Cole Lumber Co. 1907

I don’t know much about the Young & Cole Lumber Co., so if anyone has any information, please chime in.  Martha Parrish told me there use to be a mill going out of Eatonville on Triangle Road (to Mountain Highway). She remembers the train tracks headed out there. I’m not sure if this was the mill, but it could have been.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

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  1. Jerry Brashears

    I believe the mill was located on property owned by Casey Swanson (property is still in his family)on the right just before the intersection of Triangle Road and the Mt. Highway. There is an old mill pond that was part of the site. I believe Evelyn Guske lived at the mill site when she was a child.

  2. See page 414 of RAILS TO PARADISE for information about Cole & Young. The mill was located at Milepost 32.6 on the Tacoma Eastern RR. Young & Cole was incorporated on September 8th, 1906 by W. Lee Young, O.B. Young and W.B. Cole.

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