Mashell Ave ca. 1915

Mashell Ave ca 1915
Mashell Ave ca 1915

Lucky for us, people just couldn’t stop taking pictures of Mashell Ave. throughout the years.  This one was taken around 1915. The cards were simple, the sidewalks were wood and the road was still dirt.

To get some perspective, you would be standing in the intersection of Center and Mashell, looking up toward the high school. On the right, up the street, you can make out the Methodist Church.

If you’ve got a great old shot of Mashell, let me know — even if it’s from 1975. I’d love to post it.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.

2 responses to “Mashell Ave ca. 1915”

  1. This is a great old photo. I’ve not been down Marshal Ave yet. This makes me want to stand at this intersection with this photo on my phone and take it in. Usually we try to get through Eatonville quickly or avoid it altogether, but this is difficult with hwy 7 temporarily shut down.

    Notice the sign in front of the hardware store that reads “Gasoline for sale.” At the dawn of the automotive age gasoline was sold in containers at hardware stores and pharmacys. Apparently it often came in glass jars.


    • You should definitely head down Mashell. Also, click on the “Mashell link” in the article. You’ll see another photo from the 50s in EXACTLY the same spot. 🙂

      Great info about the gasoline. I’m off to see if I can find some old gasoline glass jars.


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