Center Street – 1957 & 1970

Center St. ca 1957
Center St. ca 1957

Like everything else in town, Center Street has continually evolved. Here is a picture of Center taken around 1957 and then about 20 years later in the 1970s. (If you want to see it even earlier, click HERE.)

The one thing that hasn’t changed though is Mount Rainier.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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Center Street in the 1970s
Center Street in the 1970s


4 thoughts on “Center Street – 1957 & 1970”

  1. And thank God that the mountain hasn’t changed !! Eatonville would NOT look too good buried in lava and ash !! I think the other mainstay in Eatonville historcal pics is the bank on the corner of Center ans Mashell. It might have changed names a few times but that solid brick building is still standing over a hundred years !! (Or there about)

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