Eatonville Lumber Company “Lumberjills” (WWII)

Eatonville  Lbr. Co. Crew 1940's —Eva Tappero, Ruth Logston and Yolonda Marianni
Eatonville Lbr. Co. Crew 1940’s —Eva Tappero, Ruth Logston and Yolonda Marianni

During WWII, while the men were away fighting, the women stepped in to fill their jobs and keep America running. It took place in every corner of the nation, even in Eatonville.

Here are two shots of “lumberjills” — women who worked at the Eatonville Lumber Company in the 1940s.

The three mill workers in the first shot are Eva Tappero, Ruth Logston and Yolonda Marianni. I’m not sure who the women are in the second shot, but if you know, please let me know.

Photos courtesy of Dick Logston.

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Eatonville  Lbr. Co. Female Crew 1940's
Eatonville Lbr. Co. Female Crew 1940’s



4 thoughts on “Eatonville Lumber Company “Lumberjills” (WWII)”

  1. Hi! I would be interested in learning more! I am interested in any information regarding Lumberjills who worked in the UNITED STATES during WW2. I am working on a project regarding this topic, but am finding very little information. Most of what I find is regarding The Women’s Timber Corps of Britain. Thank you for this wonderful information, and the great pictures. I love it. 🙂

    1. Hi,

      I don’t have a lot of information either. However, I might be able to get you in contact with the person that supplied me these pictures, since his female relatives were some of the lumber jills. Let me know if that would word.

      1. That would be amazing!! I am so sorry it has taken me so very long to get back to you. Hope it is still ok to request info regarding this topic and that your contact is still available. Thanks for the offer. just sorry I did not see it till now. :-/

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