Lloyd Sachs (first person born in Elbe)

Lloyd Sachs
Lloyd Sachs

Lloyd Sachs was famous for at least one thing — he was the first child born in Elbe.

His father, Adam Sachs, settled in Elbe in the early 1890s. Before the railroad came to Elbe in 1902, Adam brought in, over the Mashell Mountain Road, the boiler and equipment for a sawmill. He began the first logging camp in the area and he manufactured the lumber used to build many homes and stores in the booming Elbe. (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

Moving the boilers in Elbe - 1902
Moving the boilers in Elbe – 1902

In this picture of the boiler move, we see Lloyd as a young boy. For more information on this move, just click HERE.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and Rich Williams.

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2 thoughts on “Lloyd Sachs (first person born in Elbe)”

  1. Is the Sachs House still in Elbe? I’ve seen the old pictures of it and really like the style. If it’s still in existence is it a museum or open to the public?


    Jason LeMoine

    1. No, unfortunately, it’s gone. You can see place place where it stood, overlooking the bridge, but there’s another home in its place.

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