Transcript of Annie (Mensik) Turner

Elmer Soderberg Alder,Wa (1910)
Elmer Soderberg Alder,Wa (1910) — the family was friends with the Mensiks

Who would have guessed that I would learn about Annie (Mensik) Turner’s story about coming to America from Lien Vloeberghs, a historical researcher at the Red Star Line Museum, which will be opening its doors this September.

Lien says, “I am currently elaborating the story of the Mensik family, that came to Eatonville in 1902, from Moravia in the Austrian-Hungarian empire. I am working on some material of the family, and an interview that Annie Mensik did in the 80s with Ellis Island Foundation.”

The transcript talks about the trip over in 1902 and just how hard it was was living “in a pile of timber” as Annie calls it. The transcript mentions Mrs. Canty, the Boettchers and others from the early 1900s. Click HERE to read.

Transcript courtesy of Lien Vloeberghs.

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  1. The Mensik story is also told in the book Firm Foundation and on the site.

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