Van Eaton’s General Store (ca. 1910)

T. C. Van Eaton's building, standing where Kirk's parking lot is today.
T. C. Van Eaton’s building, standing where Kirk’s parking lot sits today.

T.C. Van Eaton built the first general store — where Kirk’s Pharmacy stands today — and in 1912 sold it to A. Y. Lindsey Co. 

This appears to be the back half of the store, and T.C. Van Eaton in the center, wearing the dark suit and hat.

A.Y. Lindsey Co., Marshell Ave. (early 1900s)
A.Y. Lindsey Co., Marshell Ave. (early 1900s)

Per Pat Van Eaton, the boy in the chair is John Van Eaton. The man in the doorway is Charlie Williams and his nephew. The pictures was taken around 1914, making John Van Eaton (born 1911) about 3 years old.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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5 thoughts on “Van Eaton’s General Store (ca. 1910)”

  1. The boy in the chair is John Van Eaton the 1st man to the left of TC Van Eaton in door way is Charlie Wlliams his hephew Picture is CA 1914 because there are power lines & John Van Eaton born in 1911 would be 3years old.

      1. Also, if you go to the home page, on the “featured photo” at the top, you can see the store that went in there next.

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