EHS Girls Baseball Team – 1914

1914 EHS Girls Baseball Team
1914 EHS Girls Baseball Team

A century ago the gals at Eatonville high school were hitting them out of the park. Here the is the 1914 team. A great shot of  EHS sluggers.

As you can tell by the names on the back, it’s a bit hard to know for certain who everyone was, but here’s a start.

Front Row, LtoR: Unknown, Unknown, Susan Van Eaton, Annie Potter, Dorothy Bratner, Helen Wilson, and Anna Kreger, Unknown

Middle Row, LtoR: Signe Green, ? Houser, Unkown, Helen Engle

Back Row: LtoR: Maryann Engle, Jeasee Pravitz, Carrie Nagley, Hennie Neusen, Louise Mensik, Helen Houser, Unknown, ? Houser, Emily Fredricksen, Unkown.

If you can fill in some of the names, please let me know.

Names of 1914 EHS Girls Baseball team
Names of 1914 EHS Girls Baseball team

Photo courtesy of the Smith family.

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  1. Yes, if you count the gal who is standing by herself as the first person in the back row, the fifth gal is my great great aunt, Louise Mensik.

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