May Day 1937

The 1937 May Day Court
The 1937 May Day Court

Eatonville’s May Day (aka Community Day) celebrations will be held tomorrow. To get folks in the mood, here’s a look at May Day in 1937 — the same year Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

Included is the 1937 program, which included a track meet, school exhibits, picnic lunch, free ice cream, Pet Parade, baseball game, free movies in the afternoon in auditorium, and a vaudeville, music, dancing and specialty acts in the auditorium in the evening.

The king and king were Themla Ostrom and Clarence Osborn.
Court included:
Seniors — Rahma Hendricksen, Glenevieve Hecht, Jim Buti, Dennis Gallagher.

1937 May Day Program - Page 1
1937 May Day Program – Page 1

Juniors — Billy Jean Knowles, Mary Haugen, Harlan Snow, Lewis Newton.
Sophomores — Myrta Murray, Prances Cox, Glenn Botsford, Herbert Nordstrom
Freshmen — Billie Reid, Bettijane O’Hara, Harry Hitchcock, Ted Christensen

Images courtesy of Richard and Ruthie Williams.

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1937 May Day Program - Page 2
1937 May Day Program – Page 2



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