Scott Turner (Yes, the man Scott Turner Road is named after)

Scott Turner, WWI
Scott Turner, WWI

This post come from Abbi Wanocott, who write and runs the blog Early Eatonville. 

Scott Turner was born in Butte, Mont., and served in WWI as a medic. A motor blast injured his eyes and caused blurred vision. As a result, he suffered from headaches for the rest of his life. Even so, he designed the overflow tunnels for Alder Dam and constructed houses at Fort Lewis.  Scott and Annie (Mensik) Turner  had three children: Robert, Josephine, Virginia, and Eloise.

He petitioned a road for the school bus, and the road was named after him.

Turner bought property in the same area as the Mensik family and the road that bears his name runs through most of it.

Scott Turner and his wife Annie (Mensik) Turner
Scott Turner and his wife Annie (Mensik) Turner

He was a gentle, loving man. Mother Annie worked hard her whole life.

Photos courtesy of Abbi Wanoctt.

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