Eatonville’s Early Lumber Mill

Eatonville Lumber Mill
Eatonville Lumber Mill

Without the Eatonville Lumber Mill there wouldn’t have been an Eatonville. It was the industry that helped build the little community from a settlement to a town and employed up to 200 people.

If you look closely, you can see the rail cars loaded up with product. Also, to the right is the Eatonville Lumber Company store, which was used by everyone on in the community.

It shut down in the 1950s.

Photo Courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

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  1. The 1st burner had a 18″ water jacket that preheated the boiler water. This allowed the boilers to produce more steam & use less fuel. The boilers were fueled by saw dust & planner shavings only. That building was constructed out of solid timbers with no openings & had two large cyclones on it. All other scraps & slabs went to the burner. When the new high school was built in 1916 the boiler was designed to burn Eatonville Lumber Co slab wood which they got for free. By the time mill closed in 1954 the school had built a new oil fired boiler system. I think your dad could tell us more about boilers. Why the water preheat system was not used on the wigwam burner is not known.

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