Ohop Valley 1948

Ohop Valley, 1948
Ohop Valley, 1948

Picked up another post card on Ebay of Ohop Valley. This one is from 1948.

As you can see from the note, S. J. was excited about seeing Mount Rainier.

“Dear Folks,

We are going to be able to see Mt. Rainier from the tower— I’m thrilled!

It’s a perfect day – we’re leaving Shelton in a few minutes to go to Hoodsport where we stay in a cabin, then go to lookout next Sat. (Unsure about this sentence.) Train trip rough – 7 hours. Late to Tacoma due to freight derailment ahead of us. Took bus to Olympia another to Shelton – arrived here 9:30 pm simply dead. All well now. Scenery grand. Will write letter. Love S. J.”

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