Early Weyerhaeuser School

Weyerhaeuser School #1
Weyerhaeuser School #1

The Weyerhaeuser School was used for number of things, in addition to being a schoolhouse, off Highway 7 (340th & Mt. Hwy. E).

When the new school was built, this schoolhouse was “moved back to be the old gym,” says Juanita Hagen. “I had my wedding show in the building in 1958.”

Barbara Thorson remembers, “The building being painted white. They used it for special events . .. we had a mother-daughter fashion show there once.┬áIt also had “wavy” window panes … the kind that looked like someone was moving around in there … at least it did to a bunch of kids on the playground.”

Lisa Franklin-Pence adds, “It was the library when I went to Weyerhaeuser in 1970 to 1976.”

Photos and comments courtesy of Randy Stewart and the Eatonville History Group.

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