Kapowsin Pharmacy (1920)

1920 - Kapowsin Pharmacy
1920 – Kapowsin Pharmacy

Not the best photo, but you get a blurry glimpse of the Kapowsin Pharmacy in 1920.

Photo courtesy of Olde Town Kapowsin.

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  2. I lived at Electron from 1971-1975. Moved there just after I turned 2 and moved out just prior to my 7th birthday. My father was employed by Puget power and worked at the Electron power plant

      1. I’m sure there were plenty, but as a kid growing up you don’t appreciate them the way you would now. Unfortunately dad passed in 2002. I went to electron this past weekend and was able to talk with a few employees of Electron hydro, they were very nice and seemed somewhat interested in my memories and stories of my childhood at electron

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